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Celebrity: Sacha Baron Cohen

Sizzling Oscar Couples
Romance makes its way from the big screen to the red carpet every year at the Oscars. From Hollywood’s most talked about couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to infamous exes Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, OK! has…
James Cameron to the Oscars: Make Fun of Me
James Cameron welcomes a proposed Avatar sketch starring Ben Stiller and Sacha Baron Cohen, which was scrapped from the Oscars entertainment over fears that he wouldn’t see the funny side.…
Lunchtime Lowdown: Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan Share Sweet Smooch; Mo'Nique Say...
• Lovebirds Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan share a sweet kiss! (Just Jared) • Michael Cera to be the next Gilligan? (Variety) • Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi still soooo in love.  (ABC) • …
News From Across The Pond: Madonna sparks rumours she's back with Guy; Sacha Baron Coh...
• Madonna sparks rumours she’s still in love with Guy Ritchie after penning a song (more) • Sacha Baron Cohen threatened by Palestinian militants over his Bruno movie (more) • Is Cheryl Cole’s whirlwind career …
PHOTOS: Isla and Olive's Rainbow Connection
Mother-daughter darlings Isla Fisher and Olive (her daughter with Brüno star Sacha Baron Cohen) make a colorful outing to a friend’s house in West Hollywood on Wednesday.…
Brüno Gets Banned in Ukraine
More bad news for the outrageous comedy Brüno — Ukraine’s Culture Ministry has banned it, calling the Sacha Baron Cohen hit movie “immoral.”…
Bruno in Hot Water With Terrorists
Sacha Baron Cohen makes a living out of outlandish characters like Borat and Brüno who put people in uncomfortable situations, but this time around he seems to have upset the wrong people — members of an organization called Al Aqsa …
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Bruno's Banana Hammock
Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Bruno, delivers his best blue steel outside of Ed Sullivan Theatre in NYC for the Late Show With David Letterman on July 9. Sacha also paid a visit to Dave earlier this week…
Brüno's Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Today in hardly surprising news, Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest comedic creation, Brüno, has done something to upset someone else: The Los Angeles Superintendent is none too pleased over the funnyman’s photo with Birmingam High School football players in this …
Bruno Goes Down Under
LaToya Jackson Scenes Cut from Brüno
The death of Michael Jackson shocked the world yesterday, including producers of Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest uncomfortably funny comedy, Brüno. Those in charge raced to cut mocking footage of LaToya Jackson just hours before the film debuted in …
G.I. Bruno Marches on Hollywood!
Bruno's a Raging Bull in Spain
Bruno Marches Into London
Bruno Bares All
In a pose reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston‘s skinful photo shoot, Bruno (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) shows it all off on the cover of the new GQ. And if you think he’s revealing a little too much on …
Bruno Shows Off His Assets
Universal Responds to Bruno Lawsuit
It’s been several days since the news broke that a woman in California had <a href="" target="_blank">filed a lawsuit</a> against actor Sacha Baron Cohen and Universal Pictures over a 2007 incident which she claims left her wheelchair bound. Both the …
Bruno Injuries "Life-Altering"
Kyle Madison, lawyer for the woman who claims Sacha Baron Cohen assaulted her during filming for Bruno, Richelle Olson, says the injuries she suffered are "life-altering," TMZ reports.   Olson says in her lawsuit Cohen showed up at her …
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