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The Iconic TV Moments Dealing with 9/11
No matter how many anniversaries pass of September 11, 2001, the date packs an emotional wallop every single year. As we all remember where we were, how we felt, and whom we lost, look back at how popular entertainment dealt with the immediate aftermath. OK! News: Read our tips for a perfect trip to beautiful Read More
OK! 25 Days to VMAS: Wait, These Celeb Guests Aren't Musicians!
Wake Up Call: Bradley Cooper Makes Us Want to Buy Ice Cream, Anne Hathaway's Dress Cha...
Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin', and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it's time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It's better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?  Here are some things to know today: Michael Scott Read More
See Who is Replacing Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' This Summer
While Jon Stewart is on an extended hiatus this summer, John Oliver will be filling in on The Daily Show. Jon will be away for 12 weeks filming his directorial debut Rosewater leaving John to step in beginning June 10. “Don’t worry, it’s still going to be everything that you love about The Daily Show, Read More
Jon Stewart Drops the F-Bomb During 2012 Emmy Awards Acceptance Speech
If you watched last night's Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Kimmel with tons of awards won by Modern Family and Homeland, perhaps you caught some of the highlights? OK! GALLERY: BEST DRESSED OF 2012 EMMY AWARDS — HEIDI KLUM, SOFIA VERGARA, JANUARY JONES, GIULIANA RANCIC After Jon Stewart and The Daily Show were annoucned as Read More
Kristen Stewart: Jon Stewart Will Make a Fool of Me on Robert Pattinson's 'Daily Show'...
Robert Pattinson is officially coming out of hiding tonight and will appear on Comedy Central's The Daily Show for a lighthearted Q and A with Jon Stewart. OK! COVER STORY: ROBERT PATTINSON WANTS FACE TIME WITH KRISTEN STEWART'S LOVER, RUPERT SANDERS Rob's got his new flick, Cosmopolis, to promote and, of course, there's this little Read More
Jessica Biel Tells Jon Stewart: "I'm Unemployed"
Jessica Biel is going to have a lot of time on her hands pretty soon. "I'm actually unemployed," she blurted out to Jon Stewart during a visit to The Daily Show last night, when he asked about her plans post-Total Recall press tour. "I’m not doing anything…. I sit [home] quietly, but I sit with my Read More
Jon Stewart Slams President Obama for Jimmy Fallon Appearance
Apparently, not everyone enjoyed President Barack Obama's appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night — especially not Jon Stewart. OK! NEWS: PRESIDENT OBAMA JAMS ABOUT STUDENT LOANS WITH JIMMY FALLON In a special episode filmed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the president joined Jimmy Fallon for some political-themed humor (main Read More
Brad Pitt Pitches Oscar Race Idea to Jon Stewart: "Last Man Standing Takes the Trophy"...
Promotional work for Moneyball has gone into overdrive now that stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill have both been nominated for Academy Awards. So Brad stopped by The Daily Show With Jon Stewart last night to further discuss his nomination and plan to win the Oscar race! OK! GALLERY: BRAD PITT LOOKS AS HANDSOME AS EVER Read More
Anne Hathaway & Jon Stewart Discuss 'Delaying Gratification' When Playing Scrabbl...
Anne Hathaway and Jon Stewart share a passion for computer Scrabble, and on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night they exchanged advice.
Jon Stewart Dubs the London Riots 'Sh*tzkrieg' on 'The Daily Show'
As riots continue to roil London and other British cities, some Americans are trying to spread light on the upheaval. Leave it up to Jon Stewart to try to make people laugh while putting the serious situation across the pond into perspective.
Daniel Radcliffe Was Always "Excited to Go to Work" on 'Harry Potter' Set
Dedicating over a decade of your life to filming a franchise like Harry Potter may be seem to be a difficult task, but Daniel Radcliffe was happy to be part of the process and his enthusiasm to go to work was shared by his co-stars.
Jennifer Aniston Dishes About Her Guitar Playing Dentist on 'The Daily Show'
In her next movie, Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston plays a dentist who sexually harasses her employees so last night on The Daily Show she dished to Jon Stewart about her very own dentist. He doesn’t harass his own employees but he does play guitar for his patients, including Jen herself!
Watch Cameron Diaz Remove Jon Stewart's Stitches on 'The Daily Show'
Cameron Diaz stopped by The Daily Show last night and got right down to business by taking out Jon Stewart‘s stitches.
Watch Jon Stewart Beat Himself Up (Literally) For Being Too Easy on Anthony Weiner
Jon Stewart feels he missed his opportunity to really sink his teeth into Rep. Anthony Weiner over the Twitter photo scandal. So last night, the political satirist held a press conference on The Daily Show to apologize for being too lazy when it came to Weiner, and literally beat himself up when he cut open Read More
Watch Young Poets Take White House By Storm!
While a debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly raged over rapper Common‘s White House poetry reading,  there is no debating that the poetry conference hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama last week was a success for the ten young members of the group Get Lit/Words Ignite who traveled to Washington Read More
Watch Jon Stewart & Bill O'Reilly Debate Rapper Common's White House Poetry Readi...
Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly engaged in debate is nothing new, but their recent war of words was a bit different. The talk-show powerhouses were at odds last night on The O’Reilly Factor over an invitation extended to the rapper Common to take part in a poetry reading at the White House last week.
Keira Knightley on Googling Rick Santorum: "My Innocence Has Been Taken Away"
Neither Sarah Palin or Donald Trump showed up at a recent debate featuring Republican presidential hopefuls, but a group of candidates who weren’t exactly household names did. Jon Stewart pointed out that the “lesser” GOP candidates might take a bit of research on Google. And his guest Keira Knightley did just that with Rick Santorum Read More
Watch Jon Stewart Reveal an Uncensored, Animated Interpretation of the Royal Wedding!
Jon Stewart found a way to address the Royal Wedding. The political satirist responded to a contractual restriction preventing networks to use royal wedding footage in a satirical way, by presenting a hilarious simulation of the royal union between Prince William and Kate Middleton.