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Joy-Anna Duggar

Hold Up!

Does Joy-Anna Duggar’s ‘Counting On’ Wedding Special Confirm She Wed While Pregnant...
Find out what may have just given her secret away.

Reality Recap!

Here’s The Moment Austin Forsyth Broke Duggar Engagement Rules
Joy-Anna’s hubby-to-be couldn’t wait to see his bride!

Reality Recap!

Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals When She Fell In Love With Austin Forsyth
‘Just to see his heart really was the first thing that attracted me to him.’

Sex Before Marriage!

Doc Says Joy-Anna Duggar Looks Further Along Into Her Pregnancy Than She Claims
‘She [appears to be] about 24-26 weeks pregnant…’

Reality Recap!

Things Get Wet & Wild During Joy-Anna Duggar’s Bachelorette Party
‘…it’s really cool to think that we won’t have to sleep in separate hammocks.’

Wild Night

Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth’s Intense Game At Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!...
How well do they really know each other?

Just Choose One!

Inside Joy-Anna Duggar’s Wedding Dress Nightmare
‘A lot of things were going on and I was getting emotional.’

Controlling Much?

Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals What Husband Forbid Her From Doing At Their Wedding
Find out why Austin Forsyth put his foot down.

Sex Before Marriage?

Joy-Anna Duggar’s Rebel Husband Admits To Breaking TWO Major Engagement Rules
Austin Forsyth even laughed off ‘overstepping [his] bounds.’

See The Pics!

Are These Pics Proof Joy-Anna Duggar Was Pregnant Before Her Wedding?
Fans accused the reality star of getting pregnant prior to tying the knot.

Daily Roundup

Joy-Anna Duggar Welcomes Baby Nearly Four Months After Marrying Austin Forsyth
The 'Counting On' star has been accused of having a shotgun wedding!

Baby-Making Time

Hear What The Duggars Have To Say About Joe & Kendra's Rush Wedding
‘Be fruitful and multiply!’

More Family Drama!

Joy-Anna Duggar’s Half-Brother-In-Law Arrested In 2010 After Making Bomb Threat!
The reality TV star’s family has been at odds with her new husband Austin Forsyth.

Baby Mama Drama!

Duggar Family ‘Disappointed In’ Joy-Anna’s ‘Rebel’ Husband After Pregnancy Bombshell...
‘There has been a lot of talk about [his] character.’

Get The Dirt!

Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Tell All About Their SURPRISE Pregnancy
Did the ‘Counting On’ star get knocked up before her wedding?
Joy Anna Duggar Pregnant Before Wedding LongJoy Anna Duggar Pregnant Before Wedding Square


Was Joy Anna Duggar Already Pregnant When She Got Married?
She looks ‘four or five months along,’ a top doctor says of the ‘Counting On’ star.

That Was Fast!

Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Are Pregnant!
The ‘Counting On’ Star is expecting her first child 3 months after getting hitched.

The Latest!

The Duggar Update You Didn’t Know You Needed
Find out who’s getting married, having babies & courting.

Not So PG!

Joy-Anna Duggar Gets Down & Dirty With Hubby
‘I always love getting to do new things… with my man.’

Trouble In Paradise!

Duggar Fans Think Austin Forsyth Is Too Controlling Of Joy-Anna
He’s ‘just as big of a control freak [as] Jim Bob.’