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Celebrity: Abby Lee Miller

5 Shows To Watch on New Year's Day Like The Dance Moms Premiere, Kathy Griffin on Kir...
Happy New Year! You can start your resolutions tomorrow. Today, watch TV ’til your little heart’s content! Here’s new shows that are premiering, parades that are happening and more: Photos: The Biggest Teen Mom Headlines of 2013 Tournament Rose Parade. 11am on ABC and NBC. This year continues the New Year’s Day tradition that’s been Read More
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5 Shows To Watch Tonight Like The Dance Moms Holiday Special, The Victoria's Secret Fa...
If hot models, country music, and holiday specials are your thing, you’re definitely going to want to stay close to your TV tonight. Here’s what to watch and why: OK! News: Listen to Lea Michele’s Debut Single, “Cannonball” American Country Awards 2013. 8pm on Fox. Just when you thought the country music awards shows were Read More
6 Things We Learned From The Dance Moms Reunion
After last week’s Dance Moms finale, which included a brawl between Christi and Leslie, the ladies of the ALDC reunited to hash out their differences. Here’s what we learned: Cops were called after Christi and Leslie’s fight in New Orleans! Christi sincerely apologized for knocking a glass out of Leslie’s hand but Leslie didn’t want Read More
Dance Moms Recap: Christi & Leslie's Shocking Smackdown!
Tension has been building all season on Dance Moms and things really came to a head in this week’s season finale. The ALDC headed to New Orleans for the big event bringing with them on-and-off again team member Payton and her cantankerous mother Leslie. Needless to say, the moms were not happy to have Leslie tag along. Read More
Dance Moms Recap: Should Jill Take a Chill Pill?
It takes a lot to steal the spotlight from Abby Lee Miller and the rest of the bickering Dance Moms, but this week, Jill did it! Kendall‘s mom has never been soft-spoken, but as the ALDC prepared for Nationals,  Jill went off the rails. First off, Jill has chutzpah, so her showing up at Melissa‘s house Read More
5 Shows To Watch Tonight Like Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Nikki & Sara Liv...
Feels like Monday, doesn’t it? The good news is that it’s not Monday, and the other good news is that that means our Tuesday shows come faster this week! Woohoo! Here’s what we’re tuning into tonight in the world of TV… Photos: Barbara Evans’ Recap of Teen Mom 3 Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. 9pm on Read More
Dance Moms Recap: What Happens In Vegas...
The Abby Lee Dance Company headed to Sin City on this week’s Dance Moms but the tension from Pittsburgh traveled with them. Abby Lee Miller continued her reign of terror resulting in a full-blown screaming match with Kelly and poor Paige had a total meltdown. OK! News: Dance Moms Recap: No Abby, No Problem? Kelly struggled more than Read More
7 Burning Questions From Last Night's Dance Moms
Abby Lee Miller made a brief return to her dance studio on this week’s episode of Dance Moms but quickly went M.I.A. again. That leads us to the first of many questions: 1) Where the hell is Abby? Abby seems to come up with excuses for missing a week and a half of work — Read More
Dance Moms Recap: No Abby, No Problem?
Where in the world is Abby Lee Miller? And does it really matter? Choreographer Gianna (Abby’s right-hand woman) stepped in to bring the ALDC to victory on this week’s Dance Moms. Everyone speculated why Abby was M.I.A. Was she in Orlando with her ailing mother? Was she scouting new talent in Los Angeles? Judging a competition Read More
Dance Moms Recap: Should Kelly Come Back?
This week’s Dance Moms focused on the whether Kelly should let her daughters Brooke and Paige rejoin the team after (another) falling out with Abby Lee Miller. The Moms chose sides, things turned ugly and there was lots of yelling. Just another day in Pittsburgh! Here’s some other highlights: -Abby went to the taxidermist to pick up her Read More
Dance Moms Recap: New Mamas = Fresh Drama!
The Dance Moms franchises collided this week as the Abby Lee Dance Company faced off against the Candy Apples new-but-not-so-improved team featuring Lucas from Dance Moms: Miami and Hadley from Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. When you add up all the mama drama, it was like a perfect storm! Here’s some highlights: –Payton returned to the Read More
Dance Moms Showdown: Kelly vs. Abby! Whose Side Are You On?
Tensions ran high as the Abby Lee Dance Company prepared for their annual recital on this week’s episode of Dance Moms. Coach Abby Lee Miller was crankier than usual as she assigned Paige a new solo for the showcase while the other girls all danced to routines they’ve already performed. That didn’t go over well Read More
Dance Moms Recap: The Biggest Insults Hurled Last Night!
The Dance Moms are back – and more bitter than ever! After weeks of focusing on Cathy‘s Candy Apples dance studio and reunion style chatfests, Dance Moms returned to the stage for competition. After a brief hiatus in which coach Abby Lee Miller went to Los Angeles to film Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, the demanding Read More
OK! Exclusive: 'Dance Moms' Star Melissa Reveals If She's Willing To Move To Hollywood...
Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller has made no secret of her desire to move to Los Angeles and open a new dance studio, but the real question is whether her star pupils Maddie and Mackenzie, would follow her. So OK! asked their mom, Melissa Gisoni, if she'd consider moving from Pittsburgh to Hollywood. OK! News: Read More
'Dance Moms' Recap: Cathy Recruits Black Patsy! Plus: Abby Goes Hollywood
Candy Apples leader Cathy Nesbitt-Stein will stop at nothing in her crusade to beat Abby Lee Miller's dance company – including bringing back one of Dance Moms' most controversial characters: Kaya "Black Patsy" Wiley! Yes, the woman who named herself after the ultimate stage mom, Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, is back with a vengeance. Read More
OK! Exclusive: 'Dance Moms' Star Melissa Insists, "I'm The Nice Mom!"
School's out for summer but the stars of Dance Moms are still hard at work on the hit Lifetime reality show. The ALDC girls — Maddie, Mackenzie, Paige, Brooke, Chloe, Nia and Kendall — are still competing and their mothers are still trying to get their daughters to the top of coach Abby Lee Miller's Read More
'Dance Moms' Ultimate Showdown Controversy: Was Chloe Robbed?
It was the moment Dance Moms fans have been waiting for: Chloe and Maddie going head-to-head with the same dance routine on an even playing field. So much suspense. So much drama. So much for fairness! Just when it seemed like Chloe won fair and square, it was revealed that the judges calculated the scores Read More
'Dance Moms' Summer Premiere Recap: Cry Me A River!
You know how there's no crying in baseball? Well, there's lots of tears in dancing! The waterworks were in full effect during the two hour summer premiere of Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller and the ALDC team returned to the stage to take on the Candy Apples and there wasn't a dry eye in the Read More
'Dance Moms' Reunion: The 9 Biggest Insults Hurled In Part 2!
The conclusion of the Dance Moms reunion centered on "new moms" Kristie Ray and Jackie Lucia airing their grievances with the original cast members. But things took a nasty turn when rival dance teacher Cathy came out guns blazing in her quest to take down the Abby Lee Dance Company.  OK! News: 'Dance Moms' Reunion: Read More