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Celebrity: Piers Morgan

'America's Got Talent' Premiere: Watch Contestants Continue to Fall Off the Stage
While American Idol may have just ended, America’s Got Talent is just heating up, kicking off the summer with another dose of reality TV. But on last night’s premiere, some of the talented hopefuls fell short of impressing the judges. They also fell off the stage.
Paris Hilton Says Her Sex Tape "Changed My Life Forever"
Paris Hilton discussed her infamous 2004 sex tape on Piers Morgan Tonight while her mother, Kathy Hilton, sat next to her and cried. 
Watch Lauren Alaina Tell Jay Leno "No Boyfriend for Me"
Lauren Alaina kissed Scotty McCreery on the American Idol finale, then she said he might be her boyfriend and now she’s saying she doesn’t have a boyfriend! It’s hard to keep up with this American Idol runner-up’s love life!
'Celebrity Apprentice': And Then There Were Two
Last night was a pivotal episode of Celebrity Apprentice when The Donald fired not one but two would-be finalists! In fact, Donald Trump brought back Joan Rivers, Bret Michaels and Piers Morgan to interview the final four which soon became known as the final two as they head into the finale next Sunday.
Chelsea Handler Finally Admits She "Casually Dated" 50 Cent
Chelsea Handler has Tweeted pictures from in bed with 50 Cent, but hasn’t admitted to actually dating him — until now.
Osama bin Laden Is Dead: Charlie Sheen & Other Celebs Thank Navy Seals on Twitter...
Hollywood has turned to Twitter to react to Osama bin Laden‘s death. After President Barack Obama announced Sunday night that the terrorist responsible for the 9/11 attacks was killed by U.S. forces, the Twitterverse boomed with patriotism and celebs from Charlie Sheen to Paris Hilton to Jersey Shore‘s finest Vinny Guadagnino shared their gratitude to Read More
Celebrities Tweet With Excitment Over Royal Wedding!
Up until today, the entire world anxiously waited to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton unfold live on television. Celebrities from across the globe took to Twitter almost immediately to voice their excited reactions as the nuptials took place!
Princess Diana's Designer Elizabeth Emanuel Predicts Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress St...
Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer of Princess Diana‘s wedding dress, sits down with Piers Morgan tonight to discuss Kate Middleton‘s gown and predict what it may look like.
Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore Talk Marriage in First Sit-Down Interview Together
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have never had a sit-down interview together, until now! The glamorous twosome talked about their marriage, in addition to their charities, with Piers Morgan.
Rod Stewart Finds "A Slight Sluttiness" Sexy in Women
Rod Stewart is known for dating a slew of sexy women and singing about it, so who better than to judge what makes a woman sexy then the rock icon himself?
Matt Damon "Wanted More" From President Obama; Says He's Not a Fan
The Adjustment Bureau star Matt Damon was asked by Piers Morgan last night on CNN whether he’s a fan of President Barack Obama, to which Matt replied, “No.” But that’s not all he had to say and explained his reasons.
Charlie Sheen Says "Stone Cold Dude" Mel Gibson Called With "Comforting Words"
Charlie Sheen has said he’s cured his addiction now, but did get some “comforting words” from other celebrities along the way.
VIDEO: Colin Firth Says He "Likes The Idea" of Love Scenes
Lets face it, actors get a lot of perks in their career and one of them has to be filming love scenes with gorgeous actresses, right? Well, Colin Firth isn’t quick to say ‘yes’, but he’s not quick to say ‘no’ either!
Kourtney Kardashian Calls Kim's Extravagant Spending "Vulgar"
Kim Kardashian tells Piers Morgan she gives 10 percent of her money to church and charity, but how does she spend the rest of it? Let’s ask her sister, Kourtney Kardashian.
Ricky Gervais: "I'm Not Sorry for Anything I Said"
Ricky Gervais is standing behind everything he said at the 2011 Golden Globes and refuses to apologize for any of it.
George Clooney: "Even With Malaria, It's Just Good Fun"
See for yourself! George Clooney looks as handsome as ever after contracting malaria in Sudan and he’s even making jokes about it!
George Clooney "Does Not Have Malaria"... Anymore
A rep for George Clooney has confirmed to Access Hollywood that he does not have malaria, but he did at one point. 
Piers Morgan Says He'll Ban More Stars Than Madonna
What happens when you have big shoes to fill in a new gig? If you’re Piers Morgan, you make a splash by banning certain A-list celebrities from your show. First, it was Madonna. Now, the replacement for Larry King is speaking out about four other celebs he refuses to have on his show; their names Read More
Lily Allen and Piers Morgan Are All Business On Twitter
Lily Allen and Piers Morgan have had a VERY public showdown on Twitter. The talk show host was desperately trying to get an interview with the singer to discuss the tragic loss of her baby (read more)
Larry King Drops His Suspenders For Good; Last Show Tonight For Legendary Broadcaster
After 25 years on national TV, tonight is the last show on CNN for legendary host Larry King. The 77-year-old broadcaster has interviewed tens of thousands of the world’s most notable people — from Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama to Marlon Brando and Barbra Streisand — is now hanging up his iconic suspenders and Read More