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OK! Or OMG?!

OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Justin Timberlake's Runner Runner
Just a few days after Justin Timberlake released The 20/20 Experience Part 2 comes the release of his new film Runner Runner, where JT plays a Princeton grad student who gets cheated of thousands of dollars on an online gaming site.  Overachiever much? Read on for an abridged version of OK! or OMG?!, aka let’s get Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon
Ok ok, I’ll be the first to admit that OK! or OMG?! has taken a bit of hiatus since, like August. But hey, it’s not my fault that there hasn’t been a movie really worth discussing until now! And that movie that’s going to kick off our fall version of OK! Movie Mania is Don Read More
The World's End
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of The World's End
Full disclosure: this is the film I have been anticipating and looking forward to more than really any other event this year (whoops, sorry to all my friends with weddings and new children). Fuller disclosure: it exceeded my unbelievably high expectations. For The World’s End, besties Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back at it Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Kick-Ass 2
I’ve chosen Kick-Ass 2 as the OK! or OMG?! movie review this week. Since there’s been some pretty good sequels this summer (Despicable Me 2!), I went in with an open mind about this one, and since I thouroughly enjoyed the original Kick-Ass, you didn’t have to ask me twice to go. But was it Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of I Give It a Year
Even though Elysium, the big-budget Matt Damon film that came out today, is almost definitely going to win at the box office this weekend, that doesn’t mean you have to go with the majority and see it, ok?! Instead, I suggest splurging on a ticket to see I Give It a Year, the British (and Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of We're The Millers
We’ve all heard about the new movie where Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper, and we’ve all seen the hot, semi-naked photos of her doing so. And that movie is called We’re The Millers, it’s out now, and it also stars Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts and Ed Helms. So we’re going to tell you if the Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of The Spectacular Now
I love Shailene Woodley so much (Secret Life 4 LYFE) so I was thrilled that I got a chance to see her new film, The Spectacular Now, before it comes out this weekend. And then I found out that it takes place in high school and features her in a romantic relationship with Miles Teller and whatever, basically, I didn’t Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of 'The Wolverine'
Don’t like comic books? Have no idea what the X-Men are? It doesn’t really matter. That’s probably the best part about The Wolverine, which just came out today and features Hugh Jackman playing his famous character for the sixth (!!!) time on-screen. But read on for OK! or OMG?! review to see what I thought Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Girl Most Likely
Sometimes the movies you have barely heard of are the best ones. Case in point? Girl Most Likely, formerly known as Imogene, starring Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon and Glee‘s Darren Criss. Read our OK! or OMG!? movie review of this sweet tale that takes place in Jersey (represent!!!) and whether or not you Read More
OK! Or OMG?! Read Our Review Of The Way Way Back
It’s really hard these days to tell a good coming-of-age story that we haven’t heard in movies already. But The Way Way Back, which we’re proclaiming as the summer 2013 film Most Likely to Become a Classic, somehow does it. Read on for our OK! or OMG?! review of the movie with a ridiculous ensemble Read More
OK! or OMG?!: Read Our Review of Despicable Me 2
Remember how amazing Despicable Me was? And how after you saw it you would go around in daily life saying things like “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” We’re here to tell you if Despicable Me 2, out now, is as good as the first one and why in our weekly OK! or OMG?! review. Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of The Heat
So you’ve been dying to see The Heat since you saw the very first trailer in like December right? Read on to see what we thought of the Sandra Bullock/Melissa McCarthy comedy that’s officially out now and if it’s worth your buckaroos this weekend in this week’s OK! or OMG?!. Hilarious pics ensue! First things first, the premise. From watching Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'Monsters University' (And See Why It'll Remind You Of...
You're probably going to go into Monsters University with really high expectations since Monsters, Inc was so amazing, and to that we say good. Keep those expectations up. But first, read our OK! or OMG?! review where we tell you what to expect from the film (hint: brilliance) and why it'll remind you of some Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'Man of Steel'
Is Superman really that super? Is Man of Steel, which we've been talking about all week long as part of OK! Movie Mania, worth seeing for reasons other than hottie Henry Cavill? Read on for our OK! or OMG?! review to find out what you should know about the film aside from, you know, hottie Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'This Is The End'
Normally we write our OK! or OMG?! movie reviews on Fridays, so sorry if you're seeing this and are all confused. But This Is The End comes out today, so it is our duty that we write our review now in case you plan on seeing the movie sometime tonight or tomorrow. Read on for Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'Now You See Me'
I've been talking all week about the new Jesse Eisenberg film, Now You See Me, and it's all coming down to this, you guys.'s official OK! or OMG?! review, where I tell you if it's worth your buck this weekend, and where I also tell you a few things about the movie that you Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'The Hangover 3'
Normally movies get released on Fridays, but The Hangover 3 is one of the special ones getting a Thursday debut. It is a holiday weekend after all, and let's be real, it felt like Friday on like, Tuesday this week. But regardless, we're here to give you our OK! or OMG?! movie review of the Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'The Great Gatsby'
Clearly we're on Great Gatsby overload here at, but we've saved our best piece of Gatsby content for last. Today we can officially talk about our thoughts on the movie and thus here we are with our OK! or OMG movie review. Here's a summary: the movie was incredible. There's no ifs, ands or Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'Iron Man 3'
All anyone can talk about these days is the fact that Iron Man 3 is finally out today and we will tell you this. It lives up to the hype. Most of the time the third movie in a trilogy is terrible, but that is certainly not the case with this movie. Granted, Robert Downey Read More
OK! or OMG?! Read Our Review of 'Pain & Gain'
You've probably seen a million previews by now for Pain & Gain, the film muscle-filled film starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but we're here to tell you that those previews mean nothing. The trailers do not do the film justice. The full movie is way more intense, dramatic, funny, and, well, muscle-filled Read More