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Celebrity: Zac Efron

Zac Efron Competes in a Bra Unhooking Contest With Jimmy Kimmel! But Who Wins?
Zac Efron may be a good guy, but when it comes to unhooking bras, The Lucky One star is a champ! (As we saw on Australia's Hot30 Countdown last week!) So, Jimmy Kimmel decided to put Zac's skills to the test and challenge him to a bra unhooking contest on his late night show last Read More
Zac Efron and 'The Lucky One' Cast Gather For Premiere In L.A.
Zac Efron Doesn't Consider Himself a Heartthrob: "I'm Far From It!"
Zac Efron has come a long way since starring as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical movies. But despite his status as a teen heartthrob, the 24-year-old doesn't think much about the way he looks. To him, it's all about being professional.   OK! GALLERY: ZAC EFRON COZIES UP TO CO-STAR TAYLOR SCHILLING AT THE Read More
Zac Efron Gives a Tutorial on How to Unhook a Bra in Less Than a Second!
Zac Efron is a skilled man, and we're not referring to his acting chops. Between dropping condoms on the red carpet and schooling interviewers on how to unhook a bra, The Lucky One star is obviously "getting lucky" these days!  OK! GALLERY: ZAC EFRON COZIES UP TO CO-STAR TAYLOR SCHILLING AT THE PREMIERE OF THE Read More
Zac Efron Shows Off His Rock-Hard Abs as He Hangs Out Shirtless in Sydney!
Looks like the single life is working out for Zac Efron… literally. The Lucky One star was seen relaxing on his hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia, this weekend looking incredibly fit as he listened to music and took pictures of the views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. OK! GALLERY: ZAC EFRON MAKES A CARDIGAN LOOK Read More
Zac Efron Reveals What Makes Someone Marriage Material: "Ambition and a Sense of Freed...
Zac Efron may seem like he has it all – the looks, the body, countless fans, and a sizzling career which includes co-starring with Taylor Schilling in his upcoming film, The Lucky One. OK! NEWS: ZAC EFRON'S FIRST MEETING WITH LUCKY ONE CO-STAR TAYLOR SCHILLING — "I ALREADY LOVE HER" Well, when it comes to Read More
Zac Efron Loves Being an Actor: "I've Got the Best Job in the World"
There's not much you can find out about Zac Efron that you don't like. Aside from being a stud, he can sing, dance, surf and tackle alligators (No, we're not kidding). Plus, he's one of those actors who never takes his job for granted, unlike some celebrities in Hollywood.  OK! GALLERY: ZAC EFRON CHILLS OUT Read More
Zac Efron on Love Scenes With Taylor Schilling in 'The Lucky One': "It Was Very Natura...
When it comes to shooting love scenes, there are all sorts of rules to make sure that both you and your co-star are comfortable. And that wasn't any different for Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling while filming those romantic scenes for their new movie, The Lucky One. Zac admits to Access Hollywood that they couldn't Read More
Find Out Which of Your Favorite Stars Are Going to the Kids' Choice Awards!
The Kid's Choice Awards is sure to be one of the biggest nights of the year! Not only is the amazing Will Smith hosting the show, but some of your favorite young stars are going to be there to accept their Nickelodeon blimps and possibly get slimed!  So, who's going? Well, prepare yourself, because this guest Read More
Zac Efron's First Meeting With His 'Lucky One' Co-Star Taylor Schilling: "I Already Lo...
Get ready for another Nicholas Sparks book to hit the big screen! Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling are the newest stars to take on one of the famously romantic roles for the upcoming film, The Lucky One. As many fans will agree, chemistry is very important for stories and it sounds like Zac and Taylor Read More
Zac Efron Admits He Sings Beach Boys Songs to Impress Girls — Watch Him Perform on 'Co...
Zac Efron has no trouble impressing the ladies, at least we thought so. The Lorax star stopped by Conan on Monday night and revealed that while he was growing up, he'd do anything to get attention from girls, including singing and dancing for them!  OK! GALLERY: ZAC EFRON CATCHES UP WITH THE REST OF THE Read More
Zac Efron on 'The Lorax' Co-Star Taylor Swift: 'I Just Really Like Her a Lot'
Dr. Seuss' classic story The Lorax was No. 1 at the box office this weekend, and a big reason was its star power! At the NEA’s 15th annual Read Across America Day in NYC, Zac Efron told reporters why he thinks everyone will love it. "I thought the animation was outstanding. I think it’s got Read More
What Would the Countess Do? Zac Efron Condom Drop; Angelina Jolie's Leg Pose
When it comes to etiquette, manners and overall good behavior, even celebrities need help navigating the rough waters of stardom! It’s a good thing Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of The Real Housewives of New York City is joining forces with OK! to school them on the right thing to do! In a rough situation, we Read More
Zac Efron Admits He Dropped a Condom at the Premiere of 'The Lorax'
At least Zac Efron can 'fess up to his mistakes and/or embarrassing public moments. Unlike stars like Jennifer Lopez — who still adamantly denies her Oscars nip slip — Zac admitted that he did, in fact, drop a condom at the family-friendly premiere of The Lorax last week.  OK! GALLERY: TAYLOR SWIFT AND ZAC EFRON GET CHUMMY Read More
Taylor Swift & Zac Efron Play a Foster the People Guitar Duet for Ellen DeGeneres...
Taylor Swift and Zac Efron may be only good friends, but after watching them on The Ellen DeGeneres Show we really want them to be something more! The stars of the new Dr. Seuss film, The Lorax, played an adorable guitar duet for Ellen DeGeneres, swapping lyrics to Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." OK! GALLERY: TAYLOR Read More
Taylor Swift & Zac Efron Catch Up With Betty White & Danny DeVito at 'The Lo...
Taylor Swift Taught Zac Efron to Play Guitar: "She's a Great Teacher"
Taylor Swift and Zac Efron are not dating, even though they both lend their voices to the new Dr. Seuss film, The Lorax. But they have been spending quality time doing something very romantic: Taylor taught Zac how to play guitar! OK! GALLERY: TAYLOR SWIFT & ZAC EFRON CATCH UP WITH BETTY WHITE & DANNY DEVITO Read More
Zac Efron Gets Inked & Shows Off New Tattoo in Japan
What's a little pain got to do with it when you get yourself a stylin' tattoo, right? Zac Efron got a new tattoo recently that was on full display when he made an appearance in Tokyo to promote New Year's Eve. OK! NEWS: ZAC EFRON MAKES A CARDIGAN LOOK SEXY IN LONDON   The High Read More
Zac Efron Locks Lips With Michelle Pfeiffer: "Everything I Dreamed It Would Be"
Talk about a bucket list! Some people want to travel the world, others want to run a marathon but for High School Musical star Zac Efron, it's all about the smooch. In a recent interview with The Press Association, Zac revealed kissing Michelle Pfeiffer before he dies was at the top of his bucket list. Read More
Zac Efron Reveals Kiss With Michelle Pfeiffer in 'New Year's Eve' Is "Best Part Of The...
Zac Efron is in the new film New Year's Eve and a big reason for that is co-star Michelle Pfeiffer! Michelle plays a woman who wants to resolve all of her New Year's resolutions in one day and Zac's character helps her out. This isn't the first time Michelle and Zac have teamed up. They Read More