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Dolly Parton

Country Canoodlers

Inside Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers' Steamy Sin City Hookup
'They just sort of fell into each other's arms one night.'
Dolly Parton National Enquirer Investigates

Exclusive Video

Watch: Dolly Parton's Darkest Secrets Revealed In Juicy New Show
'National Enquirer Investigates' takes on the skeletons in the country star's closet.

Grave Danger

Ghosts Save Dolly Parton From Fiery Death!
Find out how the singer believes her dead grandmas intervened.
Dolly Parton Affairs Rumors National Enquirer Investigates Reelz


Hello Dolly! The Truth About Parton's Scandalous Affairs Revealed
Has she secretly been in an open marriage for 50 years?


Dolly Parton's Secret Surgery Playbook: From Head To Toe, To T&A!
It's the truth about her over-the-top look, at last!

Money Troubles

The Inside Story: Dolly Parton Battles Guilt Over Her Rags To Riches Story
Secret reason why she struggles with her estimated $500 million fortune.

Country Cover-Up?

Inside Dolly Parton's Odd Marriage To Carl Dean
Singer would 'just as soon die' than come out as gay, claims insider.

Rock Bottom

Inside Dolly Parton's Brave Battle With Mental Illness
The beloved star was once so troubled she nearly committed suicide.

Frozen Over!

Dolly Parton Shocks With 'Alarming' Post-Procedure Look
Singer's 'appearance has been poisoned,' notes top plastic surgeon.

Old Flames

Book Rips Lid Off Dolly Parton's Steamy Lesbian Romance
Author claims singer 'coming out is just not an option.'
dolly parton young childhood home growing up poordolly parton young childhood home growing up poor


Dolly Parton's Secret Struggle Growing Up Uncovered
Inside her family's shocking money battle.