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Hoda Kotb


This Adorable Pic Of Hoda Kotb's Newborn & Boyfriend Pulled On All Our Heartstrings!
The new mom is happy as can be!

Oh Joy!

It's A Girl! Today Show Anchor Hoda Kotb Adopts Haley Joy
Inside the TV personality's choice to adopt at age 52 post cancer.

Uh Oh!

Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb On Hiatus From 'TODAY' And Producers Are Panicking
They're so over the drama surrounding Megyn Kelly.

Gone Rogue!

Hoda & Kathie Lee Refuse To Return To ‘Today’ Amid Turmoil!
Kotb and Gifford are ‘sick’ of the Megyn Kelly drama.

New Mom!

Hoda Kotb Reveals Her Pregnancy Struggles And What It's Like To Adopt At 52
'I just didn’t know that this kind of love existed.'

So Emotional!

Watch The Tear-Filled Moment Hoda Kotb Introduces New Daughter To 'Today' Show Family
Not a dry eye in the house.

It's A Baby Girl!

'Today' Show Anchor Hoda Kotb Announces She Adopted A Daughter
Find out her adorable baby's name here!


‘OK! Or Not OK!’: Televised Births – Kathie Lee Gifford & Hoda Kotb Weigh In
Find out what the ladies had to say!
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Kathie Lee and Hoda Discuss If The Razzie Awards Are Too Mean
Unlike the Oscars and the MTV Movie Awards, the Razzie Awards give out statues to the worst movie performances and films of the year. But are they too mean? Today‘s Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss on this version o…