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Celebrity: Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes' Parents Head to Court Today to Ask for Legal Control Over Her Life
Amanda Bynes’ parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, have filed documents asking a California judge to impose a conservatorship on their daughter due to her apparent mental illness. The concerned couple is scheduled to appear in court today, reports TMZ. Officials checked the Hairspray star into the hospital against her will on a 5150 hold after Read More
Tragic Details Emerge About Amanda Bynes' Mental Illness—Exhibiting Signs Of Schi...
Tragic and disturbing reports are emerging about the state of Amanda Bynes‘ mental health as the troubled 27-year-old continues to undergo evaluation at a Ventura County hospital. As previously reported, Bynes was taken to the hospital against her will Monday night after acting bizarrely when firefighters were called to put out a small fire Read More
Amanda Bynes May Be Hospitalized for Weeks After Her Parents Get Involved
Amanda Bynes remains on a 5150 hold—an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation that can last up to 72 hours—but she could be held in the hospital much longer. TMZ reports the former child star may be exhibiting signs of schizophrenia and doctors want more time to assess the situation. OK! News: Amanda Bynes Placed in Read More
OK! Investigates: Amanda Bynes' 5150 Hold—How It Went Down, What's Happening To Her No...
There was a collective huge sigh of relief at the news Amanda Bynes was placed on a 5150 hold Monday night after many months of ever increasingly bizarre and worrying behavior. As previously reported, the 27-year-old was placed in the care of a Los Angeles area hospital psychiatric ward for mental health evaluation after Read More
Amanda Bynes Involuntarily Hospitalized on a 5150 Hold—Get the Details on What She Did...
After a crazy year, Amanda Bynes may finally be getting the help she so desperately needs. According to TMZ, the struggling former child star is currently in a Los Angeles hospital on a 5150 hold, an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation that can last up to 72 hours. As has reported, Britney Spears was Read More
Amanda Bynes Reportedly Kicked Out Of NYC Hotel For Allegedly Smoking Weed And Making ...
Amanda Bynes has reportedly been kicked out of a Ritz Carlton hotel in New York for allegedly smoking weed and being rude to staff. TMZ claims that the troubled 27-year-old actually managed to reduce one poor front desk girl to tears after telling her she was “too ugly” to check her in—and going so far Read More
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Amanda Bynes Slams the Most Famous Couple on Earth—See Her Insulting Tweet
The Fourth of July just passed, but it seems Amanda Bynes is feeling less than patriotic toward President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Though the President is remaining silent on the slam, his fans are doing their duty and defending his honor. Photos: Amanda Bynes and Other Stars’ Most Shameless Selfies Read More
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Amanda Bynes Says Drake Looks 'Down Syndrome' Claims, 'I Don't Like Him So Stop Thinki...
Amanda Bynes wants to make it crystal clear that she does NOT like Drake. As previously reported, earlier this month the 27-year-old tweeted about how ugly the Canadian-born rapper is—the same dude you may remember she once famously begged to "murder my vagina." "I only like @drake because he's so ugly! His ugly cheeks Read More
OK! Wake Up Call: Jay-Z's New Job, Holly Madison's Hot Figure, and More!
Rise and shine, pop culture fans! Rub your eyes, get to stretchin', and pour yourself a hot cup of coffee because it's time to start your day off right with a little OK! Wake Up Call. It's better than the blaring ring from your alarm clock, right?  Here are some things to know today: Holly Madison's torso Read More
Tweet Repeat: Mandy Moore Tweets Sweet Treats, Kanye West Releases New Music and Justi...
Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We've scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the planet internet. How delicious do the candy apples look that Mandy Moore—yum! Another delicious tidbit Read More
Amanda Bynes Tweets Out on Her Music Career, Miley Cyrus' Looks, Drake, and More!
It looks like Amanda Bynes really wants to pursue her musical career. Early this morning, the celebrity announced her excitement for the venture via Twitter. But that's not the only topic Amanda has been discussing. She's sending out her opinions on celeb appearances once again, but this time, she didn't mention her dad or RuPaul. Read More
See Video and Pics of Amanda Bynes Shopping With Her Puppy
If you sometimes think to yourself, "Hm, what does Amanda Bynes do all day?!", I think I have an answer to that mysterious question. She shops! Duh! OK! News: Is Amanda Bynes Getting a Record Deal? Yesterday, Amanda was spotted by E! News engaging in a bit of retail therapy at a few stores in Read More
This Just in—Amanda Bynes Might Be Getting Her Own Record Deal
Amanda Bynes has had ambitions of becoming a hip hop star, and now, according to, those dreams are coming true. Photos: Child Stars React to the Amanda Bynes News Radar secured an exclusive interview with Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records, who said that Amanda has been offered a record deal by their label. Read More
Red Carpet Confidential: Drake Bell Reveals The Truth About Amanda Bynes
We can all breathe a sigh of relief about the status of Amanda Bynes' mental health, according to her longtime pal and Amanda Show co-star Drake Bell. When I catch up with him Saturday at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, the 26-year-old actor passionately defends the seemingly-troubled actress, whom he claims Read More
Snooki Is 'Entertained' by Amanda Bynes, Thinks She Needs A Reality Show, Says She's H...
  When you think of people in a position to dole out advice, Snooki isn't the first candidate that springs to mind! However, the mother-of-one is weighing in on the subject that appears to be on everyone's mind right now, Amanda Bynes' wellbeing—and has the low down on the Jersey Shore star's words of Read More
Amanda Bynes' Weekend Twitter Escapades: What the Celeb Had to Say!
Amanda Bynes got her tweet on this weekend! Yes, once again, the celeb took to the social network to make some rather shocking statements—in 140 characters or less, of course. Amanda's Twitter activity last weekend was defined by her little feud with Rihanna and her messages of love and appreciation to Drake Bell and Waka Read More
Red Carpet Confidential: Is Joey Lawrence Staging An Intervention For Amanda Bynes?
Joey Lawrence is deeply concerned about Amanda Bynes, and urges her family to step in before it’s too late. “I wish she had a friend or a family member who would grab her by the scruff of the neck and get her into rehab because clearly she needs serious help,” the thoughtful Melissa and Joey Read More