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Celebrity: Mark Wahlberg

Watch Christian Bale Sing 'Power Puff Girls' Theme Song
Christian Bale definitely has a soft side. The actor took some time during his recent promotional tour for The Fighter to sing little cartoon ditty he knows by heart.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'The Town'; 'The Other Guys'
The Town – Releasing on Friday, Ben Affleck’s best directorial effort to date stars himself as a Boston bank robber with a heart of gold who ends up falling for a bank teller (Rebecca Hall) who is also the one witness who can put him and his partners in crime behind bars.
Golden Globes Nominations 2011: Blair Underwood, Josh Duhamel & Katie Holmes Anno...
This morning Blair Underwood, Josh Duhamel and Katie Holmes announced the 2011 Golden Globe nominations at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Did your favorite star or film make the cut? Find out after the jump!
Lunchtime Lowdown: Lady Gaga is Billboard's Arist of the Year; Mark Wahlberg Aces Quiz...
• Lady Gaga & Ke$ha get honored by Billboard with top awards. (PopEater) • Is Mark Wahlberg a big Justin Bieber? Aces quiz about the 16-year-old star! (Celebuzz) • Anna Faris accidentally sent a “sext” message to her dad! (Huffington Post) • Angelina Jolie poses sexily for Tatler Russia magazine. (Just Jared) • Check out Read More
The PhilmGuy Reviews 'The Fighter'
The Fighter is about a real-life dude whose life was a remake of the movie Rocky. David O. Russell directs, Mark Wahlberg stars and Amy Adams Adrians. Wahlberg’s character is Boston pugilist Mickey Ward, the only boxer in history – other than Rocky – to discover that the secret to winning all boxing matches is Read More
Red Hot Red Carpet Couples at 'The Fighter' Premiere
The Fighter premiere was all about love for its stars Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams. The men attended the event at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Monday with their wives, Sibi Blazic and Rhea Durham, and Amy brought her fiancé Darren Le Gallo. Each couple glowed as they posed together on the Read More
Ryan Gosling Got Fired From 'The Lovely Bones' for Being Too Fat?
Ryan Gosling was suppose to play Soarise Ronan‘s father in The Lovely Bones, even though he’s a little young, but instead, Mark Wahlberg got the job. So, what happened? Ryan said he was too fat for the part.
Mark Wahlberg Takes His Brood to a Halloween Carnival
Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham got a head start on Halloween as they took part of their brood to a Halloween carnival on Saturday Oct. 23 in West Hollywood.
Mark Wahlberg Rumored for 'The Crow' Role
Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg may be making a big leap away from his previous parts to play the lead role in The Crow remake. But for now, it’s just a rumor.
Mark Wahlberg & the Fam Stroll for Sunday Services
We’re sure someone, at some point or another, has said that the family that prays together, stays together! If that’s true, Mark Wahlberg and his crew, including wife Rhea Durham and kids Ella Rae and Michael will be stuck like glue for a long time! the family headed to Sunday services in Beverly Hills yesterday. Read More
VIDEO: Mark Wahlberg & Christian Bale Deliver Big in "The Fighter"
Looks like Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale will both deliver knockout performances in their upcoming film, The Fighter. The trailer for the David O’Russell-directed film features Marky Mark’s abs, a super skinny, almost unrecognizable Christian, and plenty of motivational music. Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams plays Mark’s love interest in the drama.
Eva Mendes Outshines 'The Other Guys'
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrel know what sells a movie — Eva Mendes. Mark and Will were posing for photographers before they had a genius idea and both decided to grab Eva and bring her into the shot! The happy threesome attended the UK premiere of their film The Other Guys held at the Vue Read More
Mark Wahlberg on Doctor Duty With Wife & Son
Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham were on doctor duty Thursday in Beverly Hills with their young son Michael Wahlberg. The parents spent part of their sunny Cali day with their little one at the doctor’s office. Michael held dad’s hand and mom led the way getting some energy from her ice coffee. Hopefully, Read More
Will & Mark Take 'The Other Guys' Down Under
No matter where they go, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg always bring the funny with them. The co-stars attended the premiere of their newest flick, The Other Guys, in Gold Coast, Australia. While being interviewed on stage, Will even donned a police hat alongside Mark who seemed to expect nothing less!
VIDEO: Mark Wahlberg's "Starting to Get Upset" with Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber may have a lot of girls waiting for his call, but there is one girl he absolutely can’t ignore — Mark Wahlberg‘s daughter.
VIDEO: Eva Mendes Makes Another Spoof for Funny or Die
First a sex tape, an now on to pimps? Eva Mendes is all about the Funny or Die spoofs and her latest video creation is quite humorous.
Lunchtime Lowdown: Jessica Simpson Wants You in Her Jeans; R-Pattz Pushing Zac Efron O...
• Jessica Simpson promises her jeans will “deliver great butts” to women! (PopSugar) • Julia Roberts opens up on practicing Hinduism. (Entertainment Tonight) • Five fun facts behind Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell‘s new comedy The Other Guys. (MTV News) • Has Robert Pattinson‘s fame overshadowed Zac Efron‘s career? (PopEater) • Dina and Ali Lohan Read More
Malan's Musings: Fashion Friday is Here!
Every week at, accomplished designer Malan Breton takes a look back at the week in fashion — the Do’s, the Dont’s and everything in between! Join Malan and OK! for Fashion Fridays! Darlings, it’s Friday and what a week! Most memorably, the world was privy to one of our favorite daughters being married!
Will & Mark Are Fan Friendly for 'The Other Guys' in St. Louis
It’s not every day that big Hollywood movies with A-list names have premieres in the Midwest, so fans in St. Louis were understandably excited to greet Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell at a screening of The Other Guys yesterday in the “Gateway to the West” city. Mark and Will greeted the Missourians with big grins Read More
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'The Other Guys'
The people who cut the trailer for The Other Guys had an interesting strategy: Rather than show all the funniest moments in order to sucker people in, they chose to make the movie seem as terrible as possible, lowering expectations so much that even if the movie was only sort of bad people would still Read More