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Ozzy Osbourne

Marriage Shocker

How Many Women Did Ozzy Osbourne Cheat On His Wife Sharon With?
The number of affairs almost led the couple to divorce.
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Stars That Suffered From Sex Addiction EXPOSED
These stars just can't get enough!
ozzy osbourne cheating confession

Cheater Confession!

Ozzy Osbourne Admits Disturbing ‘Sex Addiction’ After Ex-Mistress Exposes Affairs
The scandal wasn only one affair but “sex addiction" and trysts with multiple women.

No More Lies!

Kelly Osbourne’s Tell-All Book Will Reveal Bombshell Family Secrets!
The truth will set her free!

Love or Lust?

Osbourne's Bombshell Divorce Shocker! Kelly Reveals Update On Parent’s Relationship
Find out how they are making things work!