"I love everything about Halloween," Jersey Shore's Deena Cortese tells OK!. "Pumpkins. Hayrides. Pumpkin spice coffee." And costumes, of course! Thanks to the folks at Spirit Halloween, Deena got to try out quite a selection while talking about the holiday.

Is it funny seeing Jersey Shore costumes in the shops?

It is definitely weird. I'm like, "Ewww, who wants to be me for Halloween?"

Favorite Halloween candy?

I like chewy candies, like gummy worms.

Most frightening Halloween character?

I hate clowns. They scare the crap out of me.

Favorite Halloween films?

I really like Halloweentown on Disney. Hocus Pocus. And Double Dobule, Toil and Trouble with the Olsen twins.

What makes Halloween real?

I believe in ghosts.