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The Bachelorette

Lovefest Continues

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Go All Out For Engagement Party
The ‘Bachelorette’ revealed her fiancé just last week.

Exclusive Video

Eric Bigger Tells All About His Time In The Fantasy Suite With Rachel Lindsay
Find out what went down when the mics were off!

Exclusive Video

Did ‘Bachelorette’ Producers Push Eric Bigger To Tell Rachel Lindsay He Loved Her?...
The reality star opens up about the first time he dropped the ‘L’ word!

OK! Exclusive

‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Eric Bigger Confesses He’ll 'ALWAYS' Love Rachel Lindsay...
Inside the reality star’s dramatic TV exit!

Trouble In Paradise

Rachel Lindsay And New Fiancé Bryan Abasolo Are Already Having Problems
He's afraid she still has feelings for Peter.

Pass The Tissues!

Rachel Lindsay’s Breakup With ‘Bachelorette’ Runner-Up Will Be ‘Heart-Wrenching’...
‘After she left [him], he collapsed and sobbed.’

Keeping It Real!

Rachel Lindsay Just Revealed Her One ‘Bachelorette’ Regret & It’s Savage AF
‘I would have sent him home sooner.’

Boy, Bye!

Rachel Lindsay Has No Time For Dean Unglert’s ‘Insensitive’ Comments
The ‘Bachelorette’ drama didn’t end at the Men’s ‘Tell All.’

Get All The Details!

Rachel Lindsay’s Getting Married ‘Sooner Rather Than Later!’
The ‘Bachelorette’ star is less than one week away from unveiling her fiancé.

Reality Recap!

Here’s EVERYTHING That Went Down On Rachel Lindsay’s ‘Men Tell All’ Special
The lawyer's 'Bachelorette’ suitors finally addressed Lee and his insensitive tweets.

Grab The Tissues

Dean Unglert Confronts Rachel Lindsay After Emotional ‘Bachelorette’ Goodbye
'I’m still confused about why you told me why you were falling in love with me.’

Trouble In Paradise?

Rachel Lindsay Skips Out On Her Own Engagement Party!
Find out why the ‘Bachelorette’ star didn’t show up.

You Go, Girl!

Rachel Lindsay Finally Sets ‘Bachelorette’ Reject Lee Garrett Straight
It was definitely worth the wait!

Spoiler Alert?

Rachel Lindsay’s Friend May Have Just Revealed ‘The Bachelorette’ Winner
Does she really know who got the lawyer's final rose?

Take That!

Rachel Lindsay Doesn’t Care What You Think Of Her Fiancé
'I'm happy and that's all that really matters to me.’

No Cameras!

The REAL Reason Rachel Lindsay’s Dad Was Absent During Her Hometown Visit
Find out why ‘The Bachelorette’ star’s biggest supporter wasn’t on the show.

Disaster Date!

Rachel Lindsay Breaks Down After ‘Bachelorette’ Suitor Refuses To Propose
The best word I can describe what Peter said to me…it's devastating.’

Reality Recap!

Rachel Lindsay’s Looking For A Fiancé NOT A Husband
10 most shocking moments from this week’s ‘Bachelorette’

It’s WAR!

There’s A MAJOR Feud Brewing On ‘The Bachelorette’
Find out which of Rachel Lindsay suitors are at odds!

Spoiler Alert?

Rachel Lindsay Tells All About Her Secret Life With Her Fiancé
The ‘Bachelorette’ star calls him ‘Jerome!’