We're getting there, people! This time next week, you will be counting down the hours — hours, not days — until the premiere of Gossip Girl!

Lots has happened since the last season — in real time, anyway! Of course, Blake Lively tied the knot with Ryan Reynolds in a suprise wedding in South Carolina on Sept. 9. Just after the ceremony, though, Blake had to get back to work and start shooting Gossip Girl's sixth and final season. Which meant time away from Ryan and having to take off the wedding ring, since her character Serena isn't married! We're willing to bet she puts it right back on as soon as possible.

On Monday, Blake joined co-stars Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester and Kaylee De Fer on the cold streets of NYC to shoot scenes for the show. We can't knock her for wearing the sweatpants and Uggs beneath the stylish coat and scarf — it is brisk out there!

Are you excited for Gossip Girl's next season? What do you think is happening in these photos? (Blake is looking kind of over things, but maybe it's for her character… or maybe she's just missing Ryan!)