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Jamie Lynn Spears

Close Call!

Britney Spear's Niece, Maddie Has Miracle Recovery Following ATV Accident
Will the 8-year-old ever ride again?


Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Maddie Is Spotted Smiling BIG Following ATV Accident
The 8-year-old is just fine!
Jamie Lynn Spears Maddie Aldridge Recovered Prayers Square

'Heartfelt Thanks'

Jamie Lynn Spears' Mom Shares Update On Granddaughter Maddie Aldridge's Recovery
The matriarch is crediting fans' prayers for the miracle.

'Be Joyful Always'

Jamie Lynn Spears Posts Bible Verse After Daughter Maddie's Hospital Release
She had a miraculous recovery.

Visibly Bruised

Jamie Lynn Spears' Family Leaves Hospital After Maddie's Release
The 8-year-old had a miraculous recovery.


Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter Released From Hospital After ATV Accident
Get the latest details.
Britney Spears Niece Maddie Aldridge Hospital Recovered Long 2

Breaking News!

Britney Spears’ Niece Maddie Aldridge Released From The Hospital — See The Pic Here!...
‘It’s truly a miracle.’


Jamie Lynn Spears' Family Continues To Rejoice Over Maddie Briann Aldridge's Recovery
The 8-year-old is doing a lot better after her ATV incident.


Jamie Lynn Spears’ Girl Maddie Continues Her Miraculous Recovery!
Grandma updates 'strong' granddaughter's condition following ATV accident.

The Latest!

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Mother Says 'Miracles Can Happen'
Inside Lynne's inspirational post.


Jamie Lynn Spears' Mom Says Maddie's Recovery Is A 'Miracle'
"Where there is hope, there is faith."


Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Shares New Update On Maddie’s Condition
'Believe in miracles.'

Family Emergency!

Britney Spears Cancels Tour Rehearsals To Be By Niece's Side
The latest details on Maddie's scary ATV accident.

Breaking News!

Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Maddie Aldridge ‘Is Awake & Talking’ After ATV Accident...
'She is aware of her surroundings and recognizes family members.'

Maddie Update!

Behind Jamie Lynn Spear’s Emotional Song To Her Critically Injured Daughter
Find out why the mother wrote the lyric to her child!

New Updates

Everything To Know About Jamie Lynn Spears’ Daughter’s ATV Crash
The 8-year-old is in stable but critical condition.
Britney Spears Drops Las Vegas Residency 1

Family First:

Britney Spears Drops Las Vegas Residency Obligations To Be By Niece's Side
The pop star has "cancelled all rehearsals until further notice."

Prayers For Maddie!

'Hard To Say' If Jamie Lynn Spears' Daughter Will 'Be Okay'
The 8-year-old is in critical condition after scary incident.


Jamie Lynn Spears’ Dad Distraught Over Granddaughter Maddie’s Accident
He pleaded for people to 'pray for our baby.'
Britney Spears Niece Maddie Accident Update Jamie Lynn Square


Britney Spears’ Mom Shares The Latest After Grandchild Maddie’s Horrifying Accident...
Jamie Lynn’s daughter was airlifted to a hospital after her ATV flipped.