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Justin Bieber

Neighbor Nightmare!

Justin Bieber Says He Is Terrified Of Judge Judy!
He found out they are living only a few apartments away from each other.


Selena Gomez's Instagram Was Hacked—And They Leaked Justin Bieber's Nudes
Her account was immediately deactivated.


The Six Shadiest Moments From The 2017 MTV Video Music Awards.
Camila Cabello, Lorde and host Katy Perry were the targets of some slick comments.
Justin Bieber Church Purpose Tour Cancelled Photos Square

See The Photos

Justin Bieber Spotted At Church As He Recovers From ‘Exhaustion’ Of Cancelled Tour...
The singer is ‘being more spiritual’ until he ‘finds his energy & focus again.’

Scene Of The Crime

Justin Bieber Returns To The Church Where He Hit Paparazzi
He ran a guy over with his truck last week.


Justin Bieber Hits Paparazzi With His Truck While Leaving Church
He's reportedly rededicated his life to Christ.

Daily Roundup

Out Of Control! Justin Bieber HITS Photographer With His Truck
The man was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries.


Justin Bieber Cancels Remaining ‘Purpose’ Tour Dates
Plus, you have to see Carrie Underwood’s INSANE bikini body.

Get All The Details!

Katy Perry Has A Big Fat Crush On Justin Bieber!
The songstress ‘went out of her way to seek’ the ‘Despacito’ singer.

OK! Exclusive

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are STILL Communicating
What would The Weeknd say?

OK! Exclusive

Kourtney Kardashian Still Has ‘Serious Feelings’ For Justin Bieber
Well, this is awkward.

No Bueno

Justin Bieber Forgetting The Lyrics To 'Despacito' Is Life Changing — WATCH NOW
The singer botched his own song while performing at 1 Oak in NYC.


Is This Justin Bieber Or An A-List Star You'll NEVER Guess?!
This one will shock you for sure.

Party Monster!

Justin Bieber Caught Double-Fisting Beers Poolside In Miami
Looks like he's going back to his old ways.
Justin Bieber Bad Driving Fans Worried Reelz Video


Fury Road! Fans Worried Justin Bieber's Driving Habits Are Out Of Control
New special reveals the deadly truth behind his love of fancy cars.


Fast & Furious! Justin Bieber’s Love Of Rare Cars Leads Down A Dangerous Road
See the deadly consequences of the pop star’s auto obsession.

Sorry, Selena!

Justin Bieber CAUGHT With Hot New Brunette — And She's One Of His Fans!
But is his Brazilian fling more than a one-night stand?

Special Report

Bad Breakups! 6 Stars Who Spewed Post-Romance Blues, Or Burned Memories (Literally!)
From Snapchat to music—this is DEFINITELY not how to deal with a failed relationship.
kourtney kardashian justin bieber romance.

Secret Lovers!

Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber Sneak Off To Secret Sex Cabin!
'Meet up once or twice a week' a source on the reality star and singer.

Same Old Love?

Beware The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Might Still Have A Thing For Ex Justin Bieber
Find out what could be a sign for why the singer is not over her old boyfriend!