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6 A-List Celebrities Who've Had Their Nudes Leaked
Add Amanda Seyfried to the list.

Go RiRi!

Rihanna Named 2017 Harvard University Humanitarian Of The Year!
The singer was honored for building a medical center and starting a foundation.

Breaking News!

Inside Chris Brown's SCARY Downward Spiral — He's 'A Different Person'
"Sober Chris is a solid guy with a big heart. High Chris... is a foul person"

Hair Flip!

Rihanna Tops More Than Just The Charts & Receives Harvard’s Highest Honor
‘All you need to do is help one person, expecting nothing in return.’

Secret Samaritan

Why Rihanna Was Named Harvard's Humanitarian Of The Year
Not all heroes wear capes.
Beyonce Jay Z Affair Rihanna Twins Feud LongBeyonce Jay Z Affair Rihanna Twins Feud Square

All Is Forgiven?

Jay Z DEMANDS Beyoncé And Rihanna Call A Truce 10 Years After Rumored Affair
The rapper ‘has made it clear all feuds are to be put aside.’

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Rihanna's Hooking Up With Male Models To Get Over Drake!
She's been taking advantage of her single status.

Still Smitten!

Drake Admits He Has 'A Lot of Love For' Rihanna On Her Birthday
And this isn't the first time the rapper expresses his love for RiRi!
rihanna mom

Sweet As They Come!

Fame & Fortune Hasn't Changed The Person Rihanna Is!
'So humble and so close to her family' says the singers mother, Monica Braithwaite.
Selena Gomez Weeknd Grammys Together Dating Square

Still Going!

Selena Gomez & The Weeknd Attend Grammys After-Party Together
The two tried to keep their faces hidden as they shared the same car.


Rihanna Looks UNAPOLOGETIC Post Grammy Awards In A Sexy Outfit
She's a bad girl!

Message To Drake?

Message To Drake? Jennifer Lopez Posts Quote About "Loving Fully"
The rapper has been trying to get back with his ex Rihanna.

Over It!

Jennifer Lopez Sends A Message To Drake For Trying To Get Back With Rihanna
"She has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward him."

Love Triangle!

Drake Wants To Get Back Together With Rihanna — But He Still 'Cares About JLO'
The 'Fake Love' singer 'misses Rihanna.'

Fashion Forward?

Rihanna Tries To Hide In Bizarre Ensemble With HUGE Headgear
The singer wore possibly her most unique outfit to date!

The Beehive Grows

Rihanna Congratulates Beyonce and "Big Bro" Jay Z On Their Baby News
Auntie RiRi is very excited about the twins.

OK! Exclusive

Rihanna 'Could Not Stop Shaking' After Bumping Into Chris Brown
The Barbadian native was 'horrified' when she spotted her ex.
Rihanna Obama Instagram Square

Shocking Admission!

Rihanna Confesses Her ‘Worst Breakup Ever’
The singer found love and lost it with a surprising political figure.


Charlie Sheen Apologizes To Rihanna: 'Let's Have A Drink Someday'
Is their feud finally over?

Tough Call!

Jennifer Lopez to Drake: DITCH Rihanna!
J-Lo’s one condition to take her relationship with the rapper to the next level!