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Taylor Swift

Fans Turn On Katy!

Perry Blasted For New Song Dissing ‘Enemy’ Taylor Swift
Has their feud reached a breaking point?
Katy Perry Taylor Swift Feud Swish Swish Square

Aw Snap!

Katy Perry Taunts Nemesis Taylor Swift: ‘It’s Time For Her To Finish It’
The 'Swish Swish' star claims the 'Bad Blood' singer started the drama.
Katy Perry Swish Swish Taylor Swift Ruby Rose Square

'A Sloppy Mess!'

Watch Yourself, Katy! Ruby Rose SLAMS Perry For Taylor Swift Diss Track
The actress thinks the singer’s song ‘Swish Swish’ is a ‘low’ blow at her friend.
Taylor Swift Boyfriend Joe Alwyn British Actor Square

Mystery Man

Who Is Taylor Swift’s Rumored New Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn? Find Out Here!
The singer has reportedly been hiding in London to spend time with the British actor.

So Sneaky!

Taylor Swift Has Supposedly Been Hiding A 'Secret Boyfriend' & He's A Hot Brit
Has the singer really been dating actor Joe Alwyn this whole time?

She's Back!

Taylor Swift Emerges After Three Months In Hiding — See The FIRST PHOTOS
Plus, are those underwear or shorts she's wearing? We can't tell!

There She Is!

Taylor Swift Emerges From Hiding To Save Her Girl Squad! But Is It Too Late?
She's holding on tight to Gigi Hadid.

Throwing Shade?

Calvin Harris Is Hooking Up With Katy Perry & We Want To Know How Taylor Swift Feels
Calm down, it's just for a song.

OK! Exclusive

Desperate Taylor Swift Begs Meghan Markle To Be Her BFF After Girl Squad Crumbles
The singer will try ANYTHING to make her clique cool again.

Bad Blood!

Is Tom Hiddleston’s Career In Hollywood Crumbling After His Romance With Taylor Swift...
Get the scoop on the actor’s struggle especially after he was deemed a 'smug'.

Look Out, Calvin!

Taylor Swift Is Back With New Music & You KNOW She's Coming For Her Ex, Harris
Nothing says 'I'm over it' like a revenge album.
tom hiddleston career


Is Tom Hiddleston's Career Taking A Hit From His Taylor Swift Romance?
A source claims the 'Thor' actor is beginning to feel 'alienated.'

'How Dare You?'

Taylor Swift ENRAGED By Ed Sheeran's Relationship With 'Enemy' Katy Perry
The singer is losing her BFFs left and right.

Too Far?

Taylor Swift 'Wants To Sex Up Her Image' To Be In More Movies
'She's looking for a character to play that will showcase her racy side.'
taylor swift jake gyllenhaal relationship

Shake It Off!

Are Taylor Swift & Jake Gyllenhaal Going To Give It Another Try?
'She’s excited to see where things go' a source on the singer and her rekindled love.
Ivanka & Tiffany Trump Are Struggling From The Pressure Of Fame Insider Claims
Get the latest on your favorite celebs!
Tom Hiddleston Taylor Swift Dating Square

Don't Go There!

Tom Hiddleston BLASTS Reporter When Asked About Relationship With Taylor Swift
'I would rather not talk about this if that’s all right.'

Sweet Revenge!

Katy Perry Takes Over Taylor Swift's Squad
Her new BFF is Ellie Goulding.
taylor swift andrea swift

More Than Family

Taylor Swift's Bond With Her Mother Stronger Than Ever!
'My mom was always my friend' the singer comments on her mother Andrea.

Awards Drama!

Frank Ocean Attacks Grammys For Giving Taylor Swift 'Album Of The Year'
He thinks 'To Pimp a Butterfly' deserved it.