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Give your water workouts a refreshing twist this season!
Improve Your Workouts With This "Don't Quit" Music Mix!
Having the right music can make or break a workout so it’s imperative to have tunes that will push you to your goal. That’s why Jake “Body By Jake” Steinfeld has teamed with Universal Music Enterprises to launch a new …
Jillian Michaels on the Two Celebs She'd Love to Workout With
Jillian Michaels is set to transform yet another part of your workout regimen—and this time it has less to do with push-ups and more to do with the clothes you’re setting aside for tomorrow’s Pilates class. The guru behind the …
lebron james heat
LeBron James Loves Working Out with His Mom!
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10 Things To Know About Coconut Water
Think you know all there is know about coconut water? Think again! Our friends at Shape Magazine have put together an awesome video FULL of facts about the fruit’s incredibly nutritious liquid—from the vitamins and minerals you get from consuming …
Are You Into Extreme Sports? Check Out the Newest Sports League!
Has this country ever been more drawn to fitness than it is these days? Sometimes it feels like everyone on your Facebook or Instagram feed is running a marathon, taking part in a tough mudder race, or sweating it out …
Can We Talk About Kim Kardashian's Rock-Hard Abs?!
Rock-hard ab alert! Kim Kardashian finished up her workout yesterday by showing her Instagram fans her super toned tummy. In a series of three photos, artfully collaged together, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian‘s star gave the world a …
Jay Cardiello and RHONY's Kristen Taekman Break Down Their New 20-Minute Workout ...
Jay Cardiello and Kristen Taekman’s new workout DVD, Body Back by JCORE, is all kinds of convenient. The exercise pro and The Real Housewives of New York star joined forces to create an exercise routine for women that would …
Tone It Up's Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn Talk Pet Health and Their Bikini Cha...
Tone It Up fitness mavens Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn have long been proponents of positive health and well-being, but they aren’t only interested in getting you into shape, now they’ve teamed up with Purina Cat Chow to make sure …
2 Simple Tips That Will Stop You From Overeating!
  If grabbing for seconds, thirds, and even fourths is part of your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine, we’re just assuming you’re exceeding that healthy caloric intake recommendation. While giving your tastebuds a replay of their favorite flavors, the …
Get Marathon-Ready With These Buckwheat Yogurt Crepes
The 118th Boston Marathon is fast approaching on April 21 and Stonyfield Organic has teamed up with Heather Bauer, RD, CDN and founder of, to get Team Stonyfield, a team of 10 runners selected from a pool of …
Tone Your Back Muscles Just Like Ciara With This Hardcore Workout!
Undeniably, Ciara is one of the fittest women on the planet. Take five seconds to watch any of her music videos, and you’ll be determined to hit up the gym ASAP. Early on during her pregnancy, the glowing celeb (who …
Diet Vs. Deprivation: Why You Need to Makeover Your Weight Loss Mindset!
When the person next to you is indulging in a juicy burger and crispy fries and you’re staring at a package of lettuce in attempts to say on your modified, “it’s almost summer” nutrition plan, it’s easy to feel a …
Get Jessica Alba's Thighs With This Calorie-Burning Leg Workout!
Oh, thighs. What a troublesome portion of our bikini bods. Besides the dreaded belly pouch, it’s the anatomical situation that deters us most from lounging in the sand and and soaking up the sun. But since an entirely new …
Minka Kelly
4 Easy Exercise Moves for Lean Legs Like Minka Kelly!
When Minka Kelly isn’t escaping scary roommates played by Leighton Meester and piecing together crime scenes, she’s giving all us gals reason to hit up the gym with those long, lean, high-heel-lovin’ legs! Without a doubt, Minka’s got some of …
Why Putting a Mirror on Your Fridge Will Stop You From Eating Sweets
Remember that magnet mirror you had in your locker during high school? You know, the one you used for a makeup touch up before your flavor of the week switched his books? It’s about to come in handy. 4 Workout …
5 Ab Exercises That Will Get You Jennifer Lopez's Ripped Core!
Jennifer Lopez is about to motivate you with more than just her catchy gym tunes! The celeb’s rock-hard core is out of control, and with these 5 easy ab exercises, you and J.Lo can be six-pack twinnies! Hey, maybe after …
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The Best-Lower Body Exercise Moves to Do at Your Desk!
Despite its luxe leather upholstering and swivel wheels, your desk chair is doing absolutely nothing for your butt—except maybe deterring from your goal of flaunting a Jessica Biel-like booty at the beach. But when you’re sans of a stand-up desk, …
Get Beyonce's Sculpted Shoulders with These Easy Moves
Beyonce’s surprise album revealed one not-so-shocking fact about the music queen—her bod is flawless. We could rave about her curves, vegan diet, and dedication to physical fitness for an unreasonable amount of time, (what to-do list?) but this specific …
2 Super Relaxing Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk!
The chances of you rolling out a yoga mat at work and stretching, like our friend Gisele Bundchen, are slim to none. But after working in a sedentary fashion for 8+ hours, (which is fancy talk for sitting at …